Our Staff


Name Position Email
Mrs. L Schwartz Principal lschwartz@sd38.bc.ca

Classroom Teacher(s)

Name Position Division Grade/Dept.
Mr. K Miller Classroom Teacher 1 Grade 6/7
Ms. S Beairstro Classroom Teacher 2 Grade 6/7
Ms. A Mah Classroom Teacher 3 Grade 4/5
Ms. M Lau Classroom Teacher 4 Grade 4/5
Ms. H Toor Classroom Teacher 5 Grade 3/4
Mrs. N Rana Classroom Teacher 6 Grade 2/3
Ms. A Sepehr Classroom Teacher 7 Grade 2/3
Ms. J Lin Classroom Teacher 8 Grade 1/2
Ms. J Allesia Classroom Teacher 9 Grade K/1
Mrs. N Zalunardo Classroom Teacher 10 Grade K/1
Mrs. K Svenkeson Classroom Teacher 10 Grade K/1

ELL/Resource Teacher(s)

Name Position
Mrs. A Hung ELL/Resource Teacher
Ms. R Richardson ELL/Resource Teacher
Ms. N Robertson ELL/Resource Teacher
Mrs. H Sandhu ELL/Resource Teacher
Ms. J Skiba ELL/Resource Teacher

Relief Teacher(s)

Name Position
Ms. J Skiba Relief Teacher

Teacher Librarian(s)

Name Position
Mrs. H Sandhu Teacher Librarian

Instrumental Music Teacher(s)

Name Position
Mr. P Woods Instrumental Music Teacher

Educational Assistant(s)

Name Position
Ms. P Van Geffen Educational Assistant
Mr. K Vawter Educational Assistant
Ms. S Barahona Educational Assistant

Noon Hour Supervisor(s)

Name Position
Ms. D Gray Noon Hour Supervisor
Ms. E Wang Noon Hour Supervisor

Custodian PM(s)

Name Position
Ms. J Gill Custodian PM

Area Counsellor(s)

Name Position
Mr. P Selitti Area Counsellor

Educational Psychologist(s)

Name Position
Ms. H Alitlar Educational Psychologist

Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments(s)

Name Position
Ms. J Lee Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments

Speech Language Pathologist(s)

Name Position
Ms. S Bishop Speech Language Pathologist


Name Position
Ms. P Chu SWIS

Hearing Resource Teacher(s)

Name Position
Mr. B Taylor Hearing Resource Teacher