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Professional Learning: Digging Deeper into Resilience and the Core Competencies

At our January Professional Learning Day, we spend some time digging deeper into the connection between our focus on resilience and our British Columbia Core Competencies.  More information about the core competencies can be found here.

When we think about the Spirals of Inquiry (the structure that supports our learning) this is the Learning part of the spiral.  We are dedicated to learning more about what we can do to support our students on their journey to becoming active, engaged citizens who can set goals, persevere through challenging tasks and accomplish what they set out to do.

These dispositions that we are working to develop and enhance can be found in the Personal Awareness and Responsibility area of the core competencies.

Personal Awareness and Responsibility

Teachers will be asking students to share their learning around goal setting and perseverance at our upcoming Learning Updates.

We also spent time thinking about Zoo Tiger and Jungle Tiger (Trevor Ragan analogy) and the importance of supporting students to spend time in the Jungle Tiger Zone.  We all get better when we spend time outside of our comfort zone. This is where we face problems, challenges, obstacles and experience change. When students have the strategies we have been focusing on as part of their repertoire, they can be in "The Wild" learning new things and accomplishing things they have never done before.

Zoo Tiger vs Jungle Tiger

At the end of our time together, we worked in grade groups to make plans to take action, to continue to foster resilience in our students while focusing on our common language around positive self-talk.

"Learning is the most important skill. Great learners are agile, resilient and adaptable.  Great learners can acquire new when skills when new demands arise. In times of change, learners will thrive." - Trevor Ragan

Updated: Tuesday, February 14, 2023