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Choosing Our Words

As a follow up to our staff survey, we have been spending time establishing common language to teach to our students. 

All staff agreed that positive self talk is one area that they wanted to focus on with students.  The goal is that when students get stuck or are working through something that is hard for them, they have language and sentences that will support them to keep going.

Staff were asked to submit sentences or sentence starters that could be used by students.

We compiled all of the sentences submitted and put these sentences on strips of paper.  At our most recent staff meeting, staff used the strategy, "Come to Consensus" to work through all the possibilities and narrow down the sentences to just five. 

Now that we have come to consensus about the sentences we want our students to use, we have a plan over the next few months:

  • Create a bulletin board that is visual in the school with our selected self-talk prompts
  • Teach the sentences to the students
  • Provide activities and experiences that will give students opportunities to use these sentences
  • Spend time reflecting on when they used the prompts and which prompts were the most effective for them.

Positive Self Talk

Updated: Monday, January 16, 2023