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Zoom In- One Classes Exploration of Resiliency

Students in Division 7 used the challenge of building a Da-Vinci bridge as a way to look closely at resiliency.  A DaVinci bridge can hold large amount of weight with pencils and rubber bands.  Students in Division 7 worked on the bridge over several days in partners and on their own.  Their teacher Ms. Sepehr used self-reflection sheets as a way for students to think about what helped them when things got hard and what were some of the strategies they used when working with a partner that showed resilience.

This has been just one task of many tasks that have made explicit strategies that students can use when things get hard and what to do when they get stuck.  

The community of division 7 has created a resilience list that is posted in the classroom.  The list was compiled by the students over the course of the school year.

This is a wonderful example of having students practice skills, reflect on these skills and make these strategies explicit for everyone.


Updated: Thursday, June 9, 2022