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SEL Professional Learning

On November 23rd, our whole staff engaged in SEL Professional Learning. We participated in the Ministry of Education's EASE course.


EASE, is described as ' a collection of evidence-informed anxiety management and resilience-building classroom strategies for use with students in grades K-7. These stand-alone activities align with

B.C. curriculum and are designed to benefit all children by fitting into existing classroom routines and practices. EASE anxiety literacy workshops and classroom strategies were co-created by the Ministry of Children and Family Development and Anxiety Canada – and with a lot of help from BC educators'


Content includes:

• Learn about anxiety and how it presents at school
• Discover ways to integrate anxiety prevention tools into regular classroom routines 

• Get hands-on strategies to help students:


All of our staff will be working with the EASE program in February when a larger proportion of our students return to in-person learning. Please see some of the photos from our day of learning together. ​

Updated: Thursday, December 2, 2021