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Student Feedback-Primary Results-Growth Mindset Survey Information

In January and February of 2020 as part of Family Literacy week, all classes visited the library to read and discuss several books about resiliency. Following some discussion and in response to our continued work around Growth Mindset, all students completed a survey in which they responed to the following statements/questions:

1) I can perservere through challenging tasks

2) When I am doing sometihng difficult, I can use a strategy (Growth Mindset) to help me?

3) I can help my classroom community to be a better place by showing a positive attitude towards others

4) I am able to try new things even if I am not sure what to do at the start

5) I am able to learn from mistakes and make different choices

6) What does it mean to show SPARK at Maple Lane (Safe, Positive, Accountable, Respectful, Kind)

The responses are included in this evidence post.

Primary Survey Results/Evidence is included here

Updated: Thursday, December 2, 2021