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Growth Mindset and ePortfolios in 2018/2019

In the 2018/2019 school year, Maple Lane has grown in student population and in classroom divisions. In 2017/2018 our student population was 185 students in 8 classroom divisions. In 2018/2019 our student population has increased to 220 students in 10 divisions. Our student population has increased by 19%. We have added 5 new classroom teachers and 2 new non-enrolling teachers. 26% of the students at Maple Lane in 2018/2019 are new to our school. With new students and staff comes energy and excitement about learning. Our Framework for Enhancing Student Learning focus continues to be centered on promoting a Growth Mindset towards learning for both students and staff. With many new students and staff we have continued to focus on learning how to apply a Growth Mindset towards our learning and personal development. In classrooms, teachers continuously apply the theory of growth mindset. Students learn that academic and personal and social development are achieved with time and effort. They understand that even if they can not achieve something 'yet' they will achieve it with hard work, determination and a proper mindset. 

One of the ways students and staff are communicating student achievement this year is through the use of student e-Portfolios. All 10 classroom divisions at Maple Lane are using student e-Portfolios in some form. Teachers and students are communicating and documenting student learning. Parents, students and staff can view student progress over the entire year. In the 2017/2018 school year, 3 of our 8 divisions used student ePortfolios to communicate student progress. In each of these three divisions, student work was documented and student progress reports were communicated for students and parents through the the entire school year via ePortfolios. In the 2018/2019 school year, we are very pleased to share that seven of our ten classroom divisions are using ePortfolios to fully communicate student learning, and these classrooms are part of the British Columbia Ministry of Education Student Reporting Policy Pilot.  Parents, students and teachers can follow each student's learning journey over the entire school year. They can see documented evidence through pictures, videos and other artifacts in a student's ePortfolio and see the development of skill sets over time. Truely, they can see the hard work students put into their learning and a Growth Mindset at work.