Spring Break Holiday 2018

Spring Break 2018 starts on Friday, March 16th. The last day of school before going on our Spring Break holiday is Thursday, March 15th. The last day of Term 2 is different this year than most other years, please make note of the unusual last day.

We return from Spring Break on Tuesday, April 3rd, following the Easter Monday Holiday.


The reason the dates for the 2018 Spring Break seem different than most years is because our Spring Break is attached to Easter Weekend with Good Friday (March 30th) and Easter Monday (April 2nd) blending into the the traditional 2 week break. The holiday for Good Friday has been added onto the beginning of Spring Break and the holiday for Easter Monday is at the end of Spring Break.

We look forward to seeing everyone refreshed and well rested after Spring Break on Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018.